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Producing innovative, award winning hunting products and more successful hunting techniques is a real challenge. But it’s what we do at Sceery Outdoors. And we do it with great success. Over the years our hunting product shave proven so successful that they have now become industry standards, used by serious hunters and imitated by other game call makers. All of us at Sceery Outdoors are quite proud of this fact. When you choose a Sceery product, you know you are getting the finest made.

Developing new hunting products requires an in-depth knowledge of wild animals, animal behavior, and animal communication. It’s only learned over years of wildlife study, both in the classroom and in the field, and years of actual hunting experience. The skills of new product design, engineering, and manufacturing are also essential. Every new product is extensively field tested, under actual hunting situations, to assure us that it will perform as expected.

All products are expected to be easy to use, simple to maintain and keep clean, and rugged enough to perform over and over under tough outdoor conditions. Finally, and most importantly, hunters must be successful using the product ... time and time again.

To help insure your success using our products we produce a number of instructional materials, such as CDs and DVDs, which we strongly encourage you to study. We fully expect you to be successful using our products!

“Our reputation was built, and continues to depend, on your success!”

Ed Sceery with Elk

The Man

A Successful Hunt is What it’s All About

Ed Sceery’s been an avid outdoorsman all his life. He began hunting at age five and it developed into a lifetime passion and profession. Although it’s not widely known, he’s a very avid fisherman and never passes up getting to “drown a worm.” When not hunting or fishing, he might be found flying his plane through the high mountains, plowing his farm fields or fixing a windmill. Not claiming to be a great athlete, in his younger days, he ran numerous marathons and also competed in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. Ed’s always tried to excel and do his very best in everything he’s attempted.

Ed holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Animal Science from New Mexico State University. His work includes years in the field – tracking, recording and studying wildlife. He’s developed a unique understanding of how animals communicate and is considered a foremost authority on elk, deer and coyote vocalizations. Widely recognized for his skills as a master hunter, his business activities include the development of Professional Grade hunting products. Ed realizes that just plain ol’ luck is involved in the outcome of many hunts, but good reliable tools can make a big difference. His strong belief “that to do a good job, a person needs to have good tools” has had a major influence on the quality of the products he offers. Over the years, Sceery products have earned the solid reputation of being the finest available. The hunting techniques and products personally developed by Dr. Sceery are now widely used throughout the world. They’ve been responsible for the success of many a hunt. And, as Ed puts it, “A successful hunt is what it’s all about!”

Sceery Outdoors, LLC is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ed Sceery has been the president and owner since 1978, when he founded the company.

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