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Deer Calls

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Sceery Outdoors, Deer Calls, Photo by  Alan and Sandy Carey
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“It’s refreshing to buy a product and find that IT’S WORTH MORE THAN I PAID FOR IT! I had really great success. I’m going to recommend your deer calls to my hunting buddies. When they hear my stories and see the buck I called right up with your grunt call, they will all use your calls next season.” – L.D., Minnesota

The fast action is unbelievable with the AMG Series Deer Calls.

Deer will charge into the realistic sounds of these calls. Designed for extra-loud volume, Ed Sceery’s deer calls are rugged, waterproof and can stand up to the toughest hunting conditions. The specially-designed, soft rubber sound chambers produce the most realistic sounds of any game calls ever made. The ribbed, exterior camo surface eliminates reflection of sunlight and is super quiet for carrying while bowhunting or stalking with a rifle.

Ed Sceery's "Outfitter Grade™” deer calls are the most effective ever made!

These calls are very popular with white-tail, blacktail and mule deer hunters, and they are particularly effective on Eastern White-tail deer. Sceery’s “Outfitter Grade™” deer calls are crafted in the patented Cam-Arm® camouflage rubber, providing the hunter with the best calls available. Just hold one in your hand and you’ll feel the difference in quality. They’re tough, waterproof, quiet and built to last a lifetime!

Ed Sceery's "Outfitter Grade™” deer calls are the most effective ever made!

Using Sceery Deer Calls

00907 D-DVD1

Ed teaches you his techniques for calling deer and shows you how to make the proper sounds for attracting deer. (40-minute) $11.95


Using Sceery Deer Calls

Trophy Buck Deer Kit with DVD

ADHK-2 #00356

For the serious deer hunter, these are the finest deer calls ever made and are sure to make your next hunt a success. In woodland camo, this kit includes AMG-1 Deer Bleat/Distress, AMG-3 Buck/Doe Grunt, AMG-4 High Pitched Big Buck Slammer call and 40 minute instructional DVD, “Using Sceery Deer Calls.” $47.95


Trophy Buck Deer Kit

Deer Bleat/Distress

AMG-1 #00351

This fine call produces both realistic fawn bleats and the distress cries of young deer. Drawing on the protective instincts of mature deer, they are very productive for calling both bucks and does. $18.95


Deer Bleat/Distress

Lanyard & instructions included.

Buck/Doe Grunt

AMG-3 #00353

This hand-tuned call produces the most realistic and effective grunting sounds of mature deer. Delivers the low, coarse fighting and courting grunts of the rutting buck and smoother calling grunts of the mature doe. Expect fast action from all North American deer. $18.95


Buck/Doe Grunt

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