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Elk Calls

premium outfitter grade™

Sceery Outdoors, Elk Calls, Photo by  Alan and Sandy Carey
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"Ed, you may be getting tired of seeing all these photos of my successful hunts. This big guy came right into 20 yards with your call. Sceery elk calls have consistently proved to be the best for calling big bulls in real close. Thanks for making such great products and keep up the good work." – Tracy Hardy, PSE Archery


America’s #1 Elk Calls!

(US Patent - Sceery)

Dr. Ed Sceery is the original inventor of these patented, bite-down style elk calls. They have proven to be the most effective ever made and have become the high quality standard for hunting elk with rifle or bow. They are strikingly effective for calling both bulls and cows into very close range. And, after calling an elk in close, a short note on the call will most always get him to stop and turn broadside for an easy shot. For 10,000 big reasons, most western outfitters and guides carry and rely on the ACE line of Premium Outfitter Grade™, Sceery elk calls.

Each fine call is fitted with a durable lanyard, bite band, and are made with soft, rugged, quiet camo barrels that produce unmatched sound characteristics.

Hold them in your hand and you’ll feel the difference...
Take them afield and you’ll SEE the difference Sceery Elk Calls make.

SEE the difference Sceery Elk Calls make!

ACE-1 Special Elk Call

ACE -1 #00263

“The most effective cow/calf talk ever made.”

Fitted with a tough voice unit, tapered reed and bite band, it works better than ever for both volume and pitch control. This super easy-to-use call mimics both cow and calf to bring big bulls running! $21.95


ACE-1 Special Elk Call

ACE-2 Bull Elk Seducer

ACE -2 #00293

“The best call for close-in, hands-free cow talk.”

Perfect for bow and rifle hunters. A hands-free, teeth-held call to lure bulls into close range for a good, clean shot. $20.95


ACE-2 Bull Elk Seducer

ACE-3 Hyper Cow-in Heat

ACE -3 #00295

“Attract bulls fast with hyper cow talk.”

Produces the super attractive sounds of a hot cow elk in heat. The exposed reed is easy to use and to keep dry in cold or freezing conditions. Bulls find Sceery’s Hyper call irresistible. $21.95


ACE-3 Hyper Cow-in Heat


The Sceery Bad Attitude Bugle Kit and the Trophy Bull Kit each come with instructional DVDs illustrating the proper use of the calls. With these two complete kits, you’ll be fully equipped with both the knowledge and the tools for a successful elk hunt. Among our most popular items!

Bad Attitude Bull Elk Bugle Kit with DVD

Bad-AK #00297

With Ed Sceery’s newest perfect pitch bugle, it’s easy to make all bull sounds from squeals, grunts and locating bugles to the screams and roars of the herd bull. Comes with detailed 55 minute instructional DVD “Guide to Using Bull Elk Bugles.” $31.95


Bad Attitude Bull Elk Bugle Kit with DVD
Extra latex reeds and lanyard included.
Not shown actual size. Approx. length: 26 inches.

Trophy Bull Elk Kit with DVD

ACE -K #00294

Our Trophy Bull Elk Kit includes the famous ACE-1, ACE-2 and ACE-3 calls. In addition you get detailed instructions in a DVD, “Using Sceery Cow Elk Calls.” It’s sure to make your next elk hunt a great success. $52.95


Trophy Bull Kit with DVD

Elk, DVDs

tips, calls, methods and techniques


Using Bull Elk Bugles

E-DVD6 #00904

Ed teaches you how to use bugles to draw bulls in close. You’ll learn to use different types of bugles and how to blow them effectively. (55-minute) $11.95


Using Bull Elk Bugles

Elk Language and Communication

E-DVD3 #00902

Learn how elk communicate with each other. Dr. Sceery describes elk language and lets you listen to sounds he’s recorded in his field studies. Every elk hunter should see and hear this classic wildlife video. (55-minute) $11.95


Elk Language and Communication

Locating and Calling Elk

E-DVD1 #00900

Learn Ed Sceery’s successful methods for locating and calling elk into close range. Packed full of tips and information. (40-minute) $11.95


Locating and Calling Elk

Science of Hunting Elk

E-DVD2 #00901

Ed Sceery, one of America’s top authorities on elk, guides you through his own techniques for hunting elk. Learn about elk behavior, communication and calling. Ed will take you to elk camp and show you exciting new hunting strategies. (45-minute) $11.95


Science of Hunting Elk

Using Sceery Cow Elk Calls

E-DVD5 #00903

Ed Sceery shows how to blow and use the ACE-1, ACE-2 and ACE-3 elk calls. (16-minute) $9.95


Using Sceery Cow Elk Calls


open reed designs
(US Patent Pending - Sceery)

These unique open-reed elk calls are designed for the experienced elk hunter who wants to get more depth with elk talking sounds. The split reed gives you striking three-dimensional natural sounds and the double barrel produces considerable volume from these small compact calls.


Double Barrel™ Cow Elk Call

DBE-2 #00862

A lower pitched elk talk call for hyper, fighting, and great 3-D talking sounds that draw big bulls. $14.95


Double Barrel Cow Elk Call

Double Barrel™ Elk Calf Call

DBE-1 #00861

The perfect high pitched calf call draws in nearby bulls and cows. $14.95


Double Barrel Elk Calf Call

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