To My Good Friends and Fellow Hunters:

It seems like just yesterday that we made our first hunting products. But it’s been over 40 years. From the very start it was my belief that, given a choice, most hunters would prefer to use top quality products. I’ve always believed that a person needs good tools to do a good job. Sceery Outdoors grew based on my personal commitment to produce only the best hunting tools. Over the years, this has become our “Tradition of Quality.”

On this Web site, you’ll find many of the fine products that we design, build, and use ourselves. We stand behind these products as the best of their kind in both quality and performance in the field. Year after year hunters find that they can rely on our products. As a result, Sceery game calls have become the standard hunting tools used by professional outfitters, guides and government hunters throughout North America.

That’s why they are called “Premium Outfitter GradeTM.” We’ve also included photos of great hunters who’ve had many successful hunts using Sceery products. They all have exciting stores to tell — stories that will last a lifetime!


If you are a newcomer to hunting and looking to start out on the right track, or if you’re a seasoned “Ol’ Pro,” For archery and hunting with a bow, or with a rifle or muzzleloader, I invite you to give our products a good test in the field. We’d like to see you join ranks with the many hunters throughout the world who’ve learned the importance of good quality products and rely on Sceery for their hunting success. We hope you’ll share your hunting experiences with us. We enjoy seeing your great photos and hearing the stories of your hunts.

When out hunting, please respect the rights of private property owners, be careful with your bows and firearms, follow local hunting regulations, and leave an area cleaner than you found it.
As always, I wish you the best of luck on all your hunts.

Dr. Ed Sceery, Animal Scientist, President, Sceery Outdoors LLC